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We’re in the business of adding value, building relationships, and providing a personalized approach.

We also offer traditional accounting services – but your dad’s accounting firm wouldn’t recognize how we do business. That’s because we leverage powerful technology to make your life easier and maximize your profits. From our offices in Ontario, our accounting services support you anywhere in Canada.


Rock solid accounting services without the stress

At RMP, we offer a full suite of accounting services customized to your needs. Set up a call to learn more about our accounting services.

Cloud accounting

Accounting doesn’t have to be complicated – all you need are the right tools.

With cloud accounting, you can access your numbers anytime, anywhere. That means you’re able to make the best decisions possible for your business based on accurate numbers.

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Many small business owners spend a lot of time keeping up with the books when they would rather spend it managing their business. Let us handle it all for you remotely – so you stay up to date and gain back your precious time.

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Filing Back Taxes

Haven’t filed in a few years?

No problem – we can help!

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CRA Appeals & Notice of Objections

It can be intimidating to receive a notice from the CRA, but there’s no need to navigate this process alone. We’re experts in getting through audits and other processes with the government and can guide you through with ease.

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Corporate Tax

Our services include:
  • Notice to Reader Financial Statements
  • Corporate tax return filings (T2)
  • WSIB/EHT filings
  • Tax planning
  • CRA representation
  • Not-for-profit filings
  • Non-Resident filings
  • HST/GST filings
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Personal Tax

Our services include:
  • T1 filings for:
    • Sole proprietors, partnerships, and small businesses
    • Employees
    • Investors
  • GST/HST filing
  • Rental properties
  • Sale of residential properties
  • RRSP tax consultations
  • T1135 – Foreign asset and income reporting
  • Disability tax credit application preparation and review
Other services:
  • HST Rebate filing for new houses and condos
  • HST Rebate filing for residential rental properties
  • HST rebate filing for custom-built homes/major-renovations
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As your business grows, you’ll find payroll becomes more complicated and takes up more and more of your time.

We can handle everything for you, ensuring everyone gets paid accurately and on time.

Whether you have a straightforward personal return to complete or a complex situation you need to sort out, we’re here to help. We bring decades of experience with all types of tax scenarios.

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Our payroll services include:
  • Automated payroll services
  • Direct deposit payment to your staff
  • ROE issuance and T4/T4A issuance
  • Payroll remittance guidance and paystub creation

Business Advisory

You have a goal but need guidance to get there.

We provide comprehensive business advisory services to enable you to achieve your dreams.

All businesses and plans are unique, so set up a consultation with us to learn how we can assist you.

For businesses that want to get to the next level, partner with us to gain a level of advisory services typically reserved for large corporations.

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A selection of services we offer include:
  • Incorporations & Business name registration
  • Business plans
  • Due diligence to acquire a new business
  • Business projections
  • Small business consulting
  • How do we grow our firm?
  • How do we identify which costs to cut?
  • Financing & grants
  • We work with lenders to help you start your business
  • Software implementation & training
  • Deciding to incorporate
  • GST/HST registration advisory
  • CFO Services

RMP is your one-stop shop for managing your business and helping you make effective decisions. Let us handle the accounting, tax, and payment requirements for a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

When you partner with us, you gain a valued member of your team who understands your vision and goals.


Set up a free consultation to discuss how our business services can support you, in Toronto, Mississauga, or anywhere in Canada.

Who we work with

Our clients span many industries, and we bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to each. We have specialized experience working with
the following:

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